Concord Esports hosting Scholarship Invitational

Sarah M. Pritchett
Concord University
Office of Advancement
PO Box 1000, Athens, WV 24712
(304) 384-6312,

After 4 p.m.
Office: 304-384-5211
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 Oct. 29, 2020 


ATHENS, W.Va. – Esports players are invited to showcase their skills while competing for Concord University scholarships and other prizes during the upcoming Concord Scholarship Invitational. The tournament is being hosted by Concord Esports.

The two-day event will be held on Saturday, Nov. 7 and Sunday, Nov. 8 from 10 a.m. EST to 6 p.m. EST both days. Sign-up for teams to compete closes Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020 at midnight EST/ET. To register for the competition go to:

There is no entry fee to compete. This tournament will be for PC players only and will be hosted online. The competition will be broadcast on Concord’s Twitch channel

“This is your chance to fight for glory and get a chance to get a scholarship that will help you further your education at Concord,” Esports Head Coach Austin Clay says. “The top three teams will be invited to join Concord Esports.”

Since beginning competition in the fall of 2019, Concord Esports has made a mark as a powerhouse in national collegiate play. Concord holds the distinction of being the first public college or university in West Virginia to offer varsity esports to its students.

The Concord Scholarship Invitational is for any Valorant player from high school and up with an $8,000 scholarship prize pool. The event is being produced and run by Elo Hell Esports.  Also partnering to present the tournament are Appalachian Eye Care and HyperX.

The scholarship awards will be as follows:

  • First place team will be awarded $5,000 USD
  • Second place team will be awarded $2,500 USD
  • Third place team will be awarded $500 USD

The prize pool/scholarship must be used towards attending Concord University. If there are more players than the standard five, the division of the prize pool will be left up to the decision of the team. 

The top three teams will also be awarded the following prizes from tournament sponsor, HyperX: 1st Place – 5x Alloy FPS Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard; 2nd Place – 5x Cloud Stinger Gaming Headsets; and, 3rd Place – 5x Pulsefire FPS Pro Gaming Mouse.

For more information about the tournament, visit the tournament rulebook located at
Additional information is also available by contacting Austin Clay at or 585-659-3004.

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Mary Ellen Lepionka-Beverly’s Indigenous People


Join scholar and anthropologist Mary Ellen Lepionka to learn about the history of the land now known as Beverly, MA.

As Lepionka describes, The people living where Montserrat is now were the Pawtucket of Nahumkeak. They welcomed the “Old Planters” of Salem Village, today’s Beverly, and lived peaceably side by side with them during the first 50 years of English settlement. During the 18th and 19th centuries, however, their sites, history, homeland, and very identity were “erased.”

Mary Ellen Lepionka of Gloucester is an independent scholar researching the history of Cape Ann from the last Ice Age to around 1700 for a book on the subject. Some chapters have been published at

Mary Ellen’s interest in local indigenous history and culture was sparked by Samuel de Champlain’s 1606 map of Le Beauport (Gloucester) showing a wigwam on her street. Mary Ellen is a retired college instructor, textbook developer, author, and publisher with a Master’s degree in anthropology from Boston University and post-graduate work at the University of British Columbia. She taught anthropology and world history at Boston University, Vancouver City College, Northeastern University, North Shore Community College, and Salem State College.

Articles by Mary Ellen appear in the Bulletin of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society and the local history blogs Enduring Gloucester and Historic Ipswich.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Department receives Renewable Energy Grant

The grant will assist a project to increase the transmission and storage of renewable energy.

testbedThe Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Manhattan College has been awarded a $2 million grant, in collaboration with colleagues from Florida International University and Prince Sattam Bin AbdulAziz University in Saudi Arabia.

Manhattan College has received $330,000 per its allocated fund among the research collaborative team.

The grant will help support a project designed to increase the reliable transmission and storage of renewable energy to account for 4% of total energy use.

Mahmoud Amin, Ph.D., an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, is the lead principal investigator at Manhattan College. He is working alongside Osama A. Mohammed, Ph.D., distinguished professor and associate dean of research at Florida International University, and Fayez Fahim Mohamed El-Sousy, Ph.D., at Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia.

“With rapid advances in hybrid AC/DC power grids with high penetration of renewable energy, high power energy storage systems (ESSs) have become key solutions to resolve several issues such as reliability and energy efficiency,” the project summary reads. “Therefore, assessing and enhancing ESSs is of utmost importance for the future electricity grid.”

The main goal of this project is to develop a mathematical model for the optimal operation of hybrid energy storage systems (HESSs) that enable high penetration of renewable energy. The modeling strategies will direct the system operator on how to increase storage system participation for providing various types of services, particularly in systems with high levels of renewable energy sources.

The project will discuss potential future research directions to enable generating 9.5 gigawatts of renewable energy with 2.2 gigawatts of energy storage capacity.

The grant is a three-year International Collaboration Grant, titled “Grand Challenge Grant,” sponsored by the Research and Development Office in the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia.

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Let_s celebrate health with our Public Awareness Campaigns

Let’s celebrate health with our Public Awareness Campaigns

Do you want to encourage lifestyle change or promote early diagnosis to save lives? We can help you achieve that. We can help you achieve that with our weekly health awareness campaigns which provide positive change and delivers hope. Whether you are looking for a primary care doctor or a specialist for a particular condition, we have an extensive network of healthcare providers to meet your needs.

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Explore our range of Personal protective equipments

Explore our range of Personal protective equipments

Our team specializes in consulting with businesses that require protective equipment. We can help you to find the right product for your workplace or your customers. In order to contribute to our fight against COVID-19, the company has cooperated with many local well-known medical device companies to provide the best procurement services for medical supplies such as medical masks, PPE kits, rubber gloves, goggles, thermometer, disinfectant and hand lotion. We provide the ultimate solutions for all your PPE, Safety Equipment needs.

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Our complete range of Herbal Medicines

Our complete range of Herbal Medicines

Plantree is one of the most trusted Herbal Medicine exporters and suppliers having ample experience and expertise in the domain of Ayurveda and Herbs. Thus, we provide the best range of medicines to ensure better health and great results for the patients that keep a tab on their good health. Our offered herbal medicines have earned huge appreciation and credibility not only in national boundaries but beyond that as well. These are manufactured with the right blend of herbs and get packed conventionally to safeguard them from any harm like moisture, dirt and more. Also, due to our strict and safe packing regulations and protocols, you can easily procure them for years and years.

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We are your most preferred Allopathic Medicine Providers

We are your most preferred Allopathic Medicine Providers

Plantree is your partner of choice for pharmaceutical & health care wholesale, supply and distribution of Allopathic medicines. Whether they are unavailable due to local market shortages or you require reliable, regular deliveries of high quality medical supplies. Our company works in tandem with pharmacists, chemists, hospitals and medical professionals to provide the best in class Allopathic medicines for its consumers.

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What we bring to this partnership

What we bring to this partnership

Our University partners can tap the benefit of our already established agency networks across India and African countries. Our team of experts has worked extensively in this industry and their vast experience comes as a big advantage to our clients.

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Reinventing Education Consulting Model

Reinventing Education Consulting Model

Our consulting model provides our clients a single point of contact. With this model, the university can focus more on facilitating us rather than facilitating multiple agencies from overseas locations and at the same time we are accountable to drive the student count and maintain quality of applications. In this way, our service provision remains smooth and coordinated.

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Your PlanTree Advantage

Your Plantree Advantage

A Plantree partnership provides expertise, resources and advice that reaches, recruits and integrates students in ways that no university could achieve alone. Once we ramp up the recruitment process in the first year, as per satisfactory performance limits of the University, we expand and include another account representative to cover other areas in detail in India. Our extensive experience and network of contacts in the industry gives us an unparalleled advantage of having a comprehensive understanding of the education industry in India.

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