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Doing business in Greece has never been this easier!

There are many potential advantages of doing business in Greece which include a highly educated and skilled workforce and low labour costs, combined with a strong entrepreneurial tradition. The largest industries include energy, food processing, retail and tourism, with over 20 million tourists, and the numbers are going up every year. With recovery on the horizon, now could be the best time for you to invest in Greece. The geographical position in Southeast Europe attracts many investors who wish to enter the emerging markets of Balkans, Black Sea and Eastern Europe. The northern port city of Thessaloniki, sees itself as a natural gateway to the Balkan countries. Greece’s proximity to other countries in southeastern Europe, and the traditional trade ties of Greek business people with these neighboring countries, offer multiple opportunities for foreign businesses. Greek firms have strong commercial ties to Central and eastern European markets as well, including the Black Sea region. Low employment costs coupled with high academic profiles, low cost of living and administrative costs are a few of the reasons why foreign companies are choosing Greece to expand their business.

Take your business to the next level. Explore opportunities to grow your footprint in Ghana with us!

With an energetic start-up scene and a new pro-industry government, Ghana presents ample opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Ghana is a stable African democracy and is viewed as one of the safest countries in West Africa which enjoys a sound business climate because of which the Investors find little trouble in visiting Ghana to explore business opportunities. The country is welcoming to foreign investors, and with a range of financial incentives in place, the country is ripe for investment.
Ghana was recognized by the World Bank as the best place for doing business in the ECOWAS region in 2018. It’s economy is rich in natural resources and key sectors include services, mining, oil & gas, ICT, Tourism and agriculture. Ghana is a member of the World Trade Organization and holds good relations with some the first world countries such as the UK. The government is taking concrete steps to make Ghana the gateway to West Africa by positioning the country as a hub for import/ export, distribution, manufacturing and the transshipment of goods and services.


Is your business ready to expand to India?

India is within striking distance of a place in the top 50 best places to do business and the economy is on a robust growth trajectory and boasts of a stable annual growth rate. The country has moved 14 places to be the 63rd among 190 nations in the World Bank’s ease of doing business rankings. India is performing well globally, in attracting local and foreign entrepreneurs with an improved infrastructure and better tax reforms. The government has eased Foreign Direct Investment restrictions, such as raising foreign equity caps for insurance and defense, leading to significant progress in terms of improving its overall business environment. The recent economic stimulus packages and current environment present opportunities for the private sectors to set up their manufacturing hubs in India. With every passing day, doing business in India is becoming relatively smoother and achievable. When you are planning to cross your national borders for new opportunities, we don’t just implement and monitor your entry strategies to India, but also help you to navigate the complex regulatory environment with relative ease. Our local understanding coupled with a rich professional experience always keeps you a step forward.

Bangladesh: A land of many investment opportunities

Bangladesh is an emerging economy in South Asia with immense potential to contribute in the global value chain. It offers the most liberal FDI regime, allowing 100 per cent foreign ownership with an unrestricted exit policy, easy remittance of royalties and repatriation of profits and incomes. Bangladesh also offers a number of export-oriented industrial enclaves with infrastructural facilities and logistical support for foreign investors. Bangladesh is focused on becoming a middle-income country by 2021 and a developed economy by 2041, and to achieve this it is promoting open economy and trade liberalization to drive economic growth. Bangladesh has a come a long way to improve its economy by investing in the latest technological advances to create a country full of opportunities and hope. It is led by young entrepreneurs who are not only competing with neighboring countries but also those across the globe. Sectors are diversifying, and with that we shall see a further rise of start-ups and talent that is eager to succeed. For anyone thinking about investing in Bangladesh, now is the time to explore!


Experience the experience of doing business in Kenya

When expanding your business to Africa, Kenya is a natural starting point for the entire region. The country has a free enterprise economy and is generally the Eastern and Central Africa’s hub for financial, communication and transportation services. The country has about 40% of the total East African Community population of about 80 million people. It is thus, a sizeable market apart from being a strategic investment and trading location. Doing business with Kenya has been simplified by the establishment of technical and service support institutions. The country also has easy access to various export markets such as Eastern and Southern Africa, the rest of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. As a transport and communications hub for the sub-region, Kenya is also a good investment destination due to its strengths in excellent connectivity to major worldwide hubs, skilled workforce, and liberalized economy with no restriction for residents and non-residents and memberships including COMESA, WTO and EAC. In addition, Kenya has a number of tax treaties and investment promotions and protection to foreign direct investment.

Invest in Nepal and let your business soar as high as Mount Everest

Thanks to the efforts of a highly supportive government and a hard-working population, investors can easily set up business in Nepal. The Government of Nepal is working hard to create an investment-friendly environment. It places a high priority on the industrial development of the country in the hopes of increasing employment, productivity, production and substituting imports and minimizing the promotion of export-oriented industries. Nepal has made it easier to deal with construction permits, getting electricity, getting credit, trading across borders and enforcing contracts. Nepal has climbed 16 spots in the global Doing Business 2020 rankings. Four major positive reforms were recorded in a single year which included construction permits, access to credit, trading across borders and contract enforcement. Nepal offers one of the lowest tax burdens in the region, compared to other countries within South Asia. The Government of Nepal is playing a critical role in establishing a conducive climate in which businesses operate and is taking the needed steps to strengthen the environment for private sector businesses and investments.


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