“PlanTree Strategies has been instrumental in establishing footprint of Montserrat College of Art as a quality program option for students in the Indian Sub-Continent. They have understood the need to establish Montserrat College of Art as a partner to high quality Art and Design programs. Both Ankita and Sonjoy have their hands on the pulse of modern-day recruitment and enrollment trends for South Asia, combined with an innate ability to strategize, build and nurture relationships in the education industry. PlanTree Strategies is dedicated to partnering for success in the South Asia market and are U.S / Europe education experts. PlanTree Strategies also possesses a strong presence among the educational institutions such as high schools and colleges. This provides overseas institutions an easier path to collaborate with Indian based educational institutions. This important strategic choice thereby lays the path for long term recruitment and exchange programs that creates mutually beneficial international partnerships. I have had the pleasure of working with their team as a partner in the market. Their expertise combined with our campus based team has created a long term and highly productive partnership. We have a team in the Indian Sub-Continent that we can trust with our reputation because PlanTree makes the effort to understand who we are and to gift us with their deep understanding of the international education community and are constantly learning the recruitment strategies from India Sub-Continent”